About Millars Fencing

Mark Millar has had over 30 years in the farming industry.  He currently manages a property of 1000 acres, runs a small fencing business, and is involved in teaching farming skills to those undertaking community service.

As a child, Mark grew up with a Dad who was a rural dog doser which meant he spent a lot of time dodging school and opening country gates.  From here a love of the country grew and at the age of 16, he left his home of Wairoa for the bright lights of Bulls and the legendary Flock House.


Under the guidance of JJ Stewart, Flock House taught young lads the art of good farming and after 12 months of soaking up all this farming knowledge it was time to unleash Mark into the back blocks of Wairoa as a Shepherd. It is under this umbrella that Mark began to learn the many practical skills involved in living the country life.

From Wairoa to Napier with a bit of travel in between, it was back to settle in Napier where he has been for the last 20 years.

Establishing a business which amongst other things, includes fencing for small block holders through to large farms, Mark saw a need for an instructional DVD which would help people design and build their own 8 wire fence.  And so from here, the concept of Millars Fencing was born.
"We are confident that Millars Fencing will have you expertly designing and building a conventional 8-wire fence in no time"

Mark - About Fencing