How to Build A Farm Fence
Detailed Information On The Millars Fencing DVD


MILLARS FENCING shows an actual 8 wire farm fence being built from start to finish so that you get to see the whole process.  It also shows in detail how to repair a very old and dilapidated fence.

Items covered on MILLARS FENCING include:

Tools - this section covers:

  • The different tools needed and benefits of various tools
  • Ideas on substitute tools you can use if you don't have everything shown
  • How to use each of your tools i.e Wire Strainers

Materials - this section covers:

  • An overview of each material and its commonly used name i.e.Strainer, Foot etc
  • A detailed overview of each piece of material needed and its use
  • Overview of standard sizings and situations in which you should use each material

Building The Fence - this section covers:

  • Where you should start your fence, and how to plan where your fence will go
  • Detailed instructions on how to put in, and where to position a Strainer, Foot, Rise, Running and Angle Post
  • Detailed instructions on how to run out wire - includes straining and tying the wire
  • How to batten and where to place them
  • Detailed instructions on where to position and how to swing a gate

Extras - this section covers:

  • How to make a rail fence
  • Different wire knots and their uses
  • How to repair any old depleted fences
  • Packed with loads of handy tips
"Millars Fencing removes the mystery of fencing by showing what happens beneath the ground as well as above"

How to build a farm fence